If you own a domain you shouldn’t be charged to use it.

For fun I decided to buy my name I a .ca a couple months back. It cost me $10 for a year and it was cool impulse buy. I figured f*ck it start a blog to post my thoughts on sports, fitness, travel, trending topics and whatever dumb thoughts I have on my mind. I may have already got my first blogger to join me. He is a native and will bring a completely different aspect and perspective to some topics…. Probably not just 2 idiots typing stuff when they literally have nothing else to do and to be entirely honest he probably wont even type anything because he is lazy AF. Anyway back to the main issue. So when I bought this domain I figured cool I can start my own website and do whatever I want on it but using literally any kind of web developer they charge like 50-60 dollars a year for me to link to my domain, it sucks. Maybe if anyone ever starts reading this or doesn’t completely think I’m a loser for doing it I will pay that much but for the money I’m making now to how much it costs, not for me! That’s it, blog entry one done.

Later y’all,




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