Bell Mobility is the WORST company ever!

To start let’s share a little background of my phone plan with Bell and then I will say why they are f*ck bags. Me and my sister have a phone plan together. We pay 220 a month for 5 gigs of shared data and unlimited call/text that also includes Apple Care for the both of us. That’s a shit ton of money to pay for Social Media as that’s all my data is used for and everyone I text has an iPhone so I message can use wifi. 220 a month for a smaller laptop that can occasionally call my girlfriend (who I live with) and see if she wants to do something after work. 

Now that the basics are done. Bell F*CKED us over. My sister broke her phone in December and called to have it replaced paid 250 for a new one. It was then stolen the next weekend as it worked just enough to make calls. She called and said it was stolen and the guy assured her it was fine nothing changes she will still be sent the other phone. Fast forward 3 months. We get a $400 charge from Bell because the broken phone wasn’t sent in. WHAT THE F*CK! They went ahead and claimed they never got a phone call and that it’s not policy to do that. 3 months of withholding payments speaking to a bell employee every other day getting passed between people and departments about removing the $400 charge and if they did we would pay in full right then and there. They shut our phones off and sent a letter threatening to send us to collection by the end of the week if it was not paid in full with intetrest totalling over $1100. We had a friend who worked for another phone company contact bell and the Apple Care people and was told we shouldn’t of been charged. 

Today we decided screw our credit we will let it go to collections and switch companies. We get an email 2 hours ago saying don’t worry and took everything off for us, 3 months of annoyance and then they just clear it because they don’t want to lose us. The second are contract is up we are gone! 



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